Bangor Parks and Rec sees growth in programs, deals with limited space


BANGOR, Maine — Six-year-old Landen Wilson shimmied out of the water at the Beth Pancoe Aquatic Center in Bangor recently and pattered over to his mother, Peggy Wilson, and his sister, Lillianah, who was sitting in a stroller. In the pool children splashed and giggled. Some were towed gently through the water by their instructors, who murmured words of encouragement, while others were working to refine their skill, their heads dunking under the water for the start of a breast stroke and resurfacing quickly, only to go back under again.

“Will you fix my goggles?” Landen asked. He is a student in level three of the Bangor Parks and Recreation swimming lesson program, one of many programs from the city organization that’s at capacity with a growing demand.