Advocacy Through Storytelling


Children from all corners of the world traveled to Bangor, Maine, this summer, united in their hopes of claiming a Senior Little League World Series title at the Shawn T. Mansfield Stadium. Many players and their families may not have known the story behind the namesake of the stadium, Shawn T. Mansfield. He was a Bangor child who loved baseball but, sadly, lost his battle with cerebral palsy and inspired Bangor resident and author Stephen King to donate the funds to build the stadium. It’s likely that even fewer people know that Hayford Park, where Shawn T. Mansfield is located, was made possible by the Land and Water Conservation Fund’s (LWCF) State Assistance program. Investments in Bangor’s local park and recreation, both by members of the community and by our national community through forward-thinking conservation efforts like the LWCF, made it possible to bring the Senior Little League World Series to Bangor.

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