Baseball/Softball Field Maintenance and Techniques Seminar

October 3rd
Mechanic Falls Recreation
108 Lewiston St
Mechanic Falls  ME

COST $10.00 per person


8:30 am

9:00 am 
Mound work.  Types of clays.  Brick vs bags. Mound height, How to use mound Slope Guage.

9:30 am 
Batter box area.  Types of clays.  Brick vs bags.  Proper squaring of your field.

10:00 am 
Lip maintenance.  Daily maintenance.  Game day tips.  Dragging techniques to avoid lips.  Types of equipment used?

10:30 am 
Ball field mix 101.  What questions to ask and why when purchasing infield materials.  What is the best ratios for ball field mixes and why.

11:00 am 
Paint vs chalk on your skinned infield.

10:45 am 
Laser grading. Why? When? How to? Demonstrations on how laser grading will help your fields stay ready even after rain.

11:30 am 
Blecavator-  Ever heard of it?  How and why is it important in amending infields.

12:00 pm 
Question and Answer

12:30 pm

Speaker list

Sports Turf Specialties, Dennis Brolin

Sports Turf Specialties, Mike Didonato, CSFM

DuraEdge, Greg Frederick

Pioneer Athletics, Matt Tobin

Mechanic Falls, Jay Bryant

For More Information Matt Tobin 207-229-4801