Work continues on would-be smoking restrictions in Wiscasset

Wiscasset Newspaper

The smoking public has to have somewhere to go in Wiscasset, Ordinance Review Committee member Gordon Kontrath argued Monday night as the panel continued drafting possible smoking restrictions.

The rules undergo more work next month and, when ready, will go to selectmen to consider for a town vote the ordinance would need. Selectmen had the ORC draft rules at the recommendation of then-Parks and Recreation Director Todd Souza.

Kontrath smoked for 42 years before he quit 10 years ago. He called smoking an addiction and asked, if people are going to come to town, do business and spend money, where are they going to smoke. “Every place that’s on here is where we want tourists to come. This is saying the whole downtown Wiscasset and other places (are) a smoke-free zone, and I have to disagree with that.”

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