Our goal is to make this portion of our web site a clearing house for students who need to complete an internship and for Maine Recreation and Park Departments to find information that will be helpful when trying to decide to host an intern.

An internship is an opportunity for the student to apply the knowledge, information, techniques, and theories from their course of study into experiential learning of the working world.  It is an opportunity for the student to gain work/professional skills in an "on-the-job" setting.

The internship on-site supervisor serves as a teacher/mentor, offering instruction, supervision and on-going evaluation to the intern. 

Internship opportunities

Community Conservation and Recreation - National Park Service: Rivers, Trails & Conservation Assistance program

 For information about internship opportunities please contact the following individuals.


Husson University

Richard Fabri

St. Joseph's College

Chris Willer


University of New England

Aimee Vlachos






University of New Hampshire

Jennifer Frye



Southern Maine Community College

Matt Richards