2020 MRPA Board of Directors


Karyn MacNeill, CPRP
Director, Yarmouth Community Services

Tell us why you want to serve on the Board of Directors
It’s quite simple: I receive multiple benefits from being involved and engaged in MRPA. These benefits help improve myself professionally as a team member and support YCS as a municipal department. I want to give back, continue to serve our peers, and also ensure these benefits continue as long as possible.

Tell us what your priorities would be if elected
-Provide a continuation of leadership and encourage other leaders who want to, and can, step up to help the various causes;
-Provide consistent oversight of our budget and policies;
-Continue to promote educational opportunities for peers, colleagues, and co-workers;
-Remain involved and connected to other organizations who may impact our field (funding, legislatively, and policies) through decisions and actions they make;
-Promote the “MRPA brand” to organizations in Maine who should know who we are and what we do.

Summarize your previous service to MRPA
-MRPA Board of Directors since 2014 (At-Large, Vice President, and President roles);
-Annual Conference and Expo Committee member, 2012-2019 (member and committee chair roles);
-Fall Workshop Committee member, 2012-2014;
-Legislative newbie…x2 meetings with Senator Collins.

Vice President

Jen DeRice, CPRP
Director, Standish Parks & Recreation

Tell us why you want to serve on the Board of Directors
I want to continue to serve on the Board of Directors because I value the work being done at the State level. It’s a great way to stay connected with professional colleagues while having a voice to help affect growth in our own individual communities. I hope my contribution to the association is valuable and that I can continue to serve.

Tell us what your priorities would be if elected
While serving as a representative on the MRPA Board for more than half of my career, I am looking forward to serving in more of a leadership role to help the forward momentum of our association. As the current VP, a past member at-large and SMART representative, I found my place in the organization through helping to promote professional networking, training and educational opportunities. As VP of the association, I will continue to support our association’s president to promote the existing initiatives of the board and plan for the future. I am excited to strengthen our position within the State of Maine by promoting the mission of MRPA and to help elevate the profession. Additionally, I am excited to recruit other professionals who want to jump on board with us to help sustain the organization’s leadership in the long term.

Summarize your previous service to MRPA
MRPA Board of Directors Vice President (2018-19), At-Large & SMART Rep (intermittently between 2003-current), Awards Committee Chair, Entertainment Showcase Committee Chair, Fall Workshop Committee, Spring Conference Committee, Conference Presenter.



Joseph Crocker
Program Coordinator, Lewiston Recreation Department

Tell us why you want to serve on the Board of Directors
I have reaped the benefits of what the MRPA has set out to accomplish through offering education, networking, and personal growth opportunities. My skills in the Recreation Field have grown because of these sessions and relationships I have formed through the MRPA. I would be honored to be part of that mission going forward for many years to come.

Tell us what your priorities would be if elected
To continue working on creating efficiencies for the Treasurer position and help the Board make financial decisions with data.

Summarize your previous service to MRPA
2 Terms – Treasurer


Sabrina Best, CYSA
Deputy Director of Recreation and Sports Tourism, City of Auburn

Tell us why you want to serve on the Board of Directors
Having served the last 2 years on the BOD, I would like to continue to serve in the role of Secretary and continue my contribution towards MRPA’s progress on projects, initiatives, and brand awareness. I have enjoyed being apart of MRPA for many years in various roles and enjoyed every aspect. MRPA provides a sense of ‘home’ and ‘not alone’ to its membership that I would like to help showcase to current and future members.

Tell us what your priorities would be if elected
I would focus on Membership and Member benefits, continued efforts on branding awareness within the State, and supporting the various programs and conferences MRPA offers.

Summarize your previous service to MRPA
Secretary 2018 – Current
State Hot Shot Coordinator 2008-2015



Erika Dube
Deputy Director, Saco Parks & Recreation

Tell us why you want to serve on the Board of Directors
I feel so fortunate to have been given the opportunity to be the SMART Representative for MRPA this year. I am passionate about supporting the SMART network, from creating meetings that address common concerns, both regional and community-based, furthering the professional development of MRPA members, and providing opportunities to support one another in our neighboring communities. I hope to continue both serving the MRPA Board in this role and working with this vibrant group of professionals in southern Maine!

Tell us what your priorities would be if elected
My overall goal on the MRPA Board is focused on ways to create connections between members and with the organization. Whether this is through SMART planning or promoting engagement with MRPA through social media, the MRPA network is incredibly supportive and provides a lot of opportunity for members to advance their professional development.
As this year’s SMART Rep, I spent time in the fall creating a database with a four year look-back on what sessions have been offered for SMART and which departments have hosted. My goal was to have an informed plan to move forward with new relevant topics and engage any interested departments in hosting in a variety of locations around southern Maine. Additionally I have also been examining best practices for communicating with the SMART group and as part of my work with the MRPA board, ways to engage members via social media. For future planning, I have collected a variety of diverse ideas from SMART members to consider for the 2020-2021 season and would like to conduct a survey of interest in the spring for topic suggestions and meeting format. I hope to be able to set the season schedule so that everyone will have the dates available to them in early fall for schedule planning and increasing engagement in the group. With the first year of planning complete, I am excited about what this next year could look like for SMART!

Summarize your previous service to MRPA
Over the past couple of years, I have been involved with MRPA in a variety of functions:
• MRPA Board: SMART Rep 2019-current
• Fall Workshop: presenter in 2018 and Fall Workshop Chair for 2019
• Annual Spring Conference: presented two sessions at the 2019 conference and for 2020, supporting the graphic design of the conference program guide.
• MRPA Board Committee: Social Media Development
• Pine Tree State Track Meet: event helper 2019



Debbie Gendreau
Assistant Director, Bangor Parks and Recreation

Tell us why you want to serve on the Board of Directors
I would like to serve on the board of directors so I can support our association and help shape the future direction we are headed. In addition, to increase our membership and provide them with opportunities through education and networking.

Tell us what your priorities would be if elected
My priority would be to increase participation within the Eastern Maine Region by promoting the benefits of EMPRA and MRPA to the local Parks & Recreation Departments and other local organizations like ourselves. Also, to help coordinate networking and educational opportunities for our members throughout the state.

Summarize your previous service to MRPA
Served on/as…
– MRPA Board of Directors as EMPRA Representative, 2009-2020
– Fall Workshop Committee, 2009-2019
– Annual Conference Committee 2020
– Pine Tree Track & Field Committee, 5 years
– Entertainment Showcase Committee, 2 years
– Scholarships Committee, 3 year



Hillary Hallett Director, Town of Easton

Hillary Hallett
Director, Town of Easton

Tell us why you want to serve on the Board of Directors
Serving on the board gives ample opportunities to continue learning about my chosen profession and to give membership from around the state a chance to heard.

Tell us what your priorities would be if elected
Continuing serving as a voice for Northern Maine; would like to see the board continue to support youth program based activities and encourage MRPA involvement.

Summarize your previous service to MRPA
NMCRA Representative 2016-2019
Currently serving as Hot Shot Coordinator
State Hot Shot Coordinator 2017-2019


At Large (3 Members)

Tyler Stewart, CYSA
Recreation Programmer, Old Orchard Beach Recreation

Tell us why you want to serve on the Board of Director
After serving a year on the board, I have been honored to start giving back to an association that has given me so much. I would love to continue in this role to take what I have learned over the past year about the traditions & history of the MRPA and turn it into positive decision making for the future.

Tell us what your priorities would be if elected
I would like to be involved in the legislative process for the state to help keep an eye on important trends, topics, and bills coming down the legislative pipeline. We tend to be blindsided every few years by a law change and I would like to make sure as an association we do our best to be on top of it. I will continue to serve on committees to help better the future of our association and local municipalities. I would like to also continue to serve to help promote membership of the association that continues to give back to me and my community.

Summarize your previous service to MRPA
– 6 years committee chair of MLB Pitch, Hit, & Run
– Fall Workshop committee
– Co-Chair of Spring Conference vendor committee
– MRPA Board of Directors At Large Member
– 2020 Bill Bonnyman Golf Tournament Chair


Lisa Thompson, CPRP
Director, North Yarmouth Community Center

Tell us why you want to serve on the Board of Directors
As an At-large member of the MRPA board, I would continue my work building relationships with colleges and students who are working on their professional careers in sports management, recreation and tourism, and other related fields with the goal of providing guidance and building the membership and sustainability of the association.

Tell us what your priorities would be if elected
Developing sustainable relationships with area colleges and students pursuing careers in the field of Parks and Recreation
Building sustainable membership.
Mentoring younger professionals.
Educating the public on the importance of Parks and Recreation in our state.

Summarize your previous service to MRPA
Active member of Maine Recreation and Parks Association, 1999-present:
Conference Committee Member for the MRPA Annual Conference, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2020 •
Conference Committee Chair for the MRPA Annual Conference, 2004-2007, 2009 •
MRPA Ticket Program Chair, 2005- 2011
MRPA Board Member at Large 2009, 2010, 2011, 2018-19
Certified Park and Recreation Professional, (CPRP) 2005- present.
Maine Representative to the Northern New England Conference Committee , 2009- present.
NNE Conference Co-Chair, 2014, 2017, 2020
MRPA Conference Speaker, 2015, 2019

Nicole Welch Director, Buxton Recreation Department

Nicole Welch, CPRP
Director, Buxton Recreation Department

Tell us why you want to serve on the Board of Directors
I believe that parks and recreation professionals dive into this field because they want to have an impact on the world around them. We are given this great opportunity to connect with our community members, providing a wide array of services and programs for all ages. MRPA’s role in offering networking, educational growth, and support aids in making stronger departments across the state, and I have been fortunate to be involved in the planning and implementation of these events over the years. Serving on the MRPA Board of Directors has been a rewarding experience, both personally and professionally. I believe in the direction that the board is heading in, and I am looking forward to contributing to its forward momentum.

Tell us what your priorities would be if elected
I look forward to continue to work with fellow board members to highlight educational, forward thinking topics and ideas at networking events. I will also continue to encourage professionals to become involved in state organization happenings.

Summarize your previous service to MRPA
Fall Workshop: 2014 to 2019
Annual Spring Conference Committee: Speaker Chair from 2015 to 2019, Conference Chair 2020
MRPA Board Member: At Large, 2018 to Current



Doug Beck, CPRP
Outdoor Recreation Supervisor, Maine Bureau of Parks & Lands

Tell us why you want to serve on the Board of Directors
The Maine Grants and Community Recreation program not only manages the Land and Water Conservation Fund, and the Recreational Trails Program, but it also serves as a resource to municipalities and parks and recreation departments across the state for all aspects of municipal parks and recreation service delivery. By serving on the board as parliamentarian, I am able to provide information to the board about funding opportunities and other resources that can serve to enhance MRPA members in their work, as well as to learn from MRPA members at all levels about issues that impact their ability to provide outstanding service to their communities. As parliamentarian I also am available to assure sound board practice if needed.

Tell us what your priorities would be if elected
As Parliamentarian, of course my first priority is to assure that Robert’s Rules and a civil tone are adhered to at all meetings. Since this is rarely an issue, my second priority is to help in any way I can as the board considers the needs and the wants of the profession.

Summarize your previous service to MRPA
I first became involved in MRPA in 1993 after requesting that the board weigh in on some track and field issues. Since then, I have served as a committee member, board member, conference co-chair, vice president, president, executive director, and at all times a MRPA and P&R profession advocate.


Citizen Board Rep

Zackery Schrock
Regional Sales Representative, Musco Lighting

Tell us why you want to serve on the Board of Directors
I want to help grow, and bring awareness to, the services that each Parks and Recreation brings to their communities and the great State of Maine. Having the chance to work with various Maine Parks and Recreation departments, I have a good idea of their community needs as well as some thoughts on how to help bring those ideas into fruition.

Tell us what your priorities would be if elected
My first priority would be to continue educating departments in the ways that quality sports lighting can provide safe, playable athletic fields that benefit members of the community. Another priority would be to help provide ideas to maintain and adapt Maine Parks and Recreation department traditions in a constantly changing world.

Summarize your previous service to MRPA
While I have yet to be on the board, I have met with most of the Maine Parks and Recreation departments and reviewed their current fields as well as plans for future fields when it comes to effective sports lighting. I have also attended MRPA Board Meetings as well as some SMART meetings, offering ideas and listening, to help better understand what communities are doing and what their needs are.