2020 “William V. Haskell” Distinguished Professional of the Year Award Winner Hillary Hallett, Recreation Director, Easton Recreation Department

Hillary has been a dedicated professional who has worked on behalf of Maine Recreation and Park members in her region since 2016, serving on the Maine Recreation and Park Association as the liaison to the Northern Maine Community Recreation Association. She spearheaded efforts to revitalize the various program of the association by chairing committees and initiating changes to better serve participants in northern Maine communities.  Hillary has served as the state Hot Shot Coordinator since 2016 and she plays a pivotal role in the MRPA Pine Tree State Track and Field Games.

Here’s what Easton community members share about Hillary:

“Hillary has built a recreation department that is second to none in the state. Her approach has been to build a program which reaches both young and old and everyone inbetween. She has been steadfast in her goal to design a program that goes well beyond “ball sports”.  Hillary’s out of the box approach offers programs in outdoor survival, cooking and nutrition, gymnastics, crafts,  senior trips and tours, concerts and more”

“We are very blessed to have her and her family in the Town of Easton and I hope it stays that way for many years to come…she is working with my grandchildren now!”

“When it comes to recreation directors Hillary Hallett is the best of the best.  She provides the community with so many educational and innovative activities on a daily basis and makes it look easy.  Her out-reach is exceptional as she strives to include every child within the community by providing phenomenal activities and opportunities that engage everyone involved. Her organization and leadership are two amazing qualities she possesses which are crucial in her profession.”

“Hillary seems to be everywhere all the time.  We, as a school system, have an incredible working relationship with Hillary and the rec program. She keeps everyone involved and truly cares about the entire community.  She is truly a force of nature and she is such an inspiration to our students.”

“It takes someone special like Hillary to make a rec program successful. She is dependable, responsible, honest, caring and courteous. She is by far the most organized person I know.  She is a leader, a team player, a go getter, a hard worker and all around amazing lady.  Hillary is a valuable asset to the Easton Community and our Recreation Department.”